Student Branding Achievement: Can’t Is Not An Excuse

November 27, 2012

Last May, I recognized the best videos created by my MBA class in personal branding and my undergraduate class in social business. Last night was the first night of video presentations in my current undergraduate class in social business, and we got off to a very impressive start. The thirteen students that presented their video brands last night all did a good job, and a few presented work that was exceptional with respect to the effort and heart the individual devoted to creating a video to tell her or his story. We have two more class sessions of video presentations, so if last night is any indication the blog post I write next month recognizing the achievements of my students will showcase some great work.

But one video last night stood out as one of the best I’ve ever seen from one of my students. Mike Alt created this video about overcoming challenges and never making excuses. I would strongly encourage you to watch this video, and then to share it with someone that needs the inspiration of this message. I’d also encourage you to share your thoughts about the video with Mike by visiting his website. Well done, Mike.

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