Why Employees Choose To Perform

August 15, 2012

I have the privilege of speaking to a group of managers at Parkview Health in Ft. Wayne, Indiana this Friday. As always, it’s a custom presentation with familiar themes but a very different format. It’s the first presentation I’ve ever created and plan to deliver with my new Apple technology, so I hope the technology works!

I’m going to present what I see as the best peer-reviewed scientific evidence on why employees choose to perform. I’ll discuss the importance of organizational commitment, job satisfaction, trust, justice, and engagement. My core themes will be personal responsibility and the importance of partnering with employees to improve the organizational systems that so strongly affect employee attitudes.

There is no prescription for performance, but organizations that understand the causes of employee performance behaviors have the opportunity to create unique solutions to improve those critical behaviors. I believe most organizations shirk the responsibility to understand employee performance and opt instead for over-hyped consultant snake oil to address symptoms they wish would disappear. I hope to convince my audience to embrace the creative tension of the double-loop learning approach instead.

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  1. Jim Taggart says:

    Great presentation, Bret, and a timely topic. In giving your talk, will you be addressing mental models which are an integral part of double loop learning and how one can reframe assumptions?

    Bret L. Simmons Reply:

    not directly, Jim. I won’t use the term “mental model” but I will incorporate the principles you reference. Its a must! thanks, Bret