Leadership Progress

February 15, 2012
Leading Progress

I’m giving a presentation today to the leadership team at Grace Church Reno on some basic principles of human behavior, motivation, and leadership at work. I’ve combined elements from previous talks I’ve given on The Progress Principle with some of my core material on leadership, purpose, and relationships. I always try to customize my presentations for my audience, so this will be the first time that I deliver this talk. I hope it works!
Leadership is a choice, and I hope to encourage these earnest leaders to embrace a process of substantive change in themselves and their organization that will help them focus on the importance of making daily progress toward their shared purpose. I hope I’m able to help them continue to change their minds about the value of partnering with each other to create a healthy, responsible organization where everyone can thrive.
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  1. davidburkus says:

    The more I mull over the Progress Principle, the more I like the idea. (Did you ever listen to my LL interview with Teresa?)

    Bret L. Simmons Reply:

    I love it too. It’s a little complicated to present to an audience, especially explaining how to lead for progress. I’m going to edit my post to include the link to your interview in the related posts section. Thanks! Bret