Simply Exceeding Customer Expectations

August 10, 2011

I was back in my local running store, Eclipse Running, a few days ago to buy a water bottle and a pair of socks. I brought my new Nike SportWatch GPS that I purchased at Eclipse last month with me because I could not figure out how to set the time and I knew they would be able to help.

I described the problem I was having with my watch to the owner and he told me that to fix it, I needed to download the software from the Nike website and connect my watch. I told him I had tried to find the software on the Nike site when I first bought the watch but could not find it. I found the Nike site to be a navigation nightmare; however, I told him I would try again and continued my shopping. The fact that Nike forces you to download their software to set the time on your watch is just plain stupid.

The owner’s son was at the cash register when I checked out. He wears the Nike watch, so I told him my sad story of not understanding how to get the time to display correctly. He also told me I needed to download the software to make it work, and I told him the same thing I told his dad – I tried that once, could not figure it out, but would give it another try.

At that point he asked for my name and phone number and told me he would call me to make sure I got it to work. No one ever asks for permission to call me at home to make sure products work properly, so I figured “yea, OK.”

Guess what? Two days later he called to follow-up.

That, my friends, is impressive customer service.

Exceeding your customers’ expectations does not have to be big deal. Many times it’s as simple as caring enough to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and standing behind the products you sell as if you had purchased them yourself. Look for simple opportunities to be more relational and less transactional. Earn my loyalty by giving me a reason to trust you. Give me the chance to do for you what you can’t do for yourself – tell my friends with shareable social objects that you are the best in town at what you do.

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