Social Business: Presentation For Reno-Tahoe AMA

July 19, 2011
Social Business: Reno AMA 2011

I have the privilege of speaking today about social business to the Reno-Tahoe American Marketing Association (AMA).  I’ve spoken about social business before, but this presentation contains new content, some of which I learned or experienced in the last month.
I’m using a new (to me) definition of social business that I adapted from the thoughts of Scott McKain.
Social business is communicating with friends that are interested in your and your business to continuously improve and grow your business.
Social business is much more than social media marketing. Getting better is more important than getting found. Operational excellence, with delighted employees intent on impressing every customer, every time, with high quality products and service is the best marketing available to your business. The tools of social media can help you and your employees connect with your customers and suppliers, and with each other, to listen to suggestions and complaints and to respond with solutions.
We are living through a paradigm shift in the way we communicate, which means these are times of tremendous opportunity for those that give themselves permission to be excellent. Seizing opportunity is risky and messy. If you wait for a recipe, you will miss the opportunity.
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  1. Bret,
    Can’t wait!

    Bret L. Simmons Reply:

    See you soon, Sharon! Thanks, Bret

  2. Neal Ely says:

    Great slideshow Bret! I especially like the point you make about considering if we are still using the internet to communicate one on one with our customers, or if we are maximizing our communication through other communication methods.

    Bret L. Simmons Reply:

    So many businesses are barely taping the potential of many-to-many communication, Neal. Thanks! Bret