Real Learning

June 14, 2011

Learning and growth are the fulfillment of REAL interdependence. Your organization’s mission, vision, and to some extent even it’s values will change over time out of necessity. What your organization does, when, where, and how it does it must continually improve and adapt for your organization to remain relevant and strategically viable.

Yet your organization’s purpose, why it does what it does and why that matters, is steadfast. It’s your organization’s purpose – not it’s mission, vision or values – that enables and invigorates the interdependence of purposeful constituents. If you are either unwilling or unable to learn, grow, and adapt as your organization does, then you will lose the capacity to be a purposeful contributor.

Stop learning and growing, and you will become or force others to become either dependent or independent in your relationships at work. Your ability to work autonomously most of the time, yet know when and how to ask for help from others when you need, will erode. You will increasingly become either a burden or a stranger to those you work with. Your role at work will be void of meaning, and there will be no one to blame.

It’s your responsibility to keep that from happening. Real learning is the core technology of interdependent partnerships.

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