Leadership Traits And Behaviors

June 20, 2011

Two of my former students, Ashley Cray and Marisela Fernandez, recorded this interview with me for a project in another one of their MBA classes. We pretty much just cover the evidence I wrote about in my previous blog entitled “Leadership traits and behavior: Four evidence-based suggestions.” There are two questions at the end of the interview where I give my opinion about how the evidence influences what I look for in an MBA student and what I tell practicing managers. The video is about 8 minutes long. Thanks Ashley and Marisela!

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  1. Jim Taggart says:

    Well done interview, Bret. I’ve shared this widely…J

    Bret L. Simmons Reply:

    Thanks, Jim! Bret

  2. Dan says:


    This was fun to watch and had lots of great information. Nice post!

    Bret L. Simmons Reply:

    Welcome, Dan. It was fun to do. Glad you found it helpful. Thanks, Bret