Ron Clark: Encourage Your People To Encourage Each Other

May 22, 2011

Here is another short clip from Ron Clark’s dynamic presentation in Reno, Nevada on May 20, 2011. Once again the video quality is not what I hoped it would be, but you can hear his voice very clearly and you can really see what an amazing speaker Ron is.

In this clip, Ron talks about the power of encouraging your people to encourage each other. According to Ron, here is what he tells his staff at the Ron Clark Academy:

Do you know what I value more than anything? When I see you congratulate each other. When I see you go out of your way to recognize a great job that one of our team members did. Man, that blows me away. I value that above anything else.

Encourage your people to encourage each other, and then praise them for that behavior. Transform your organization to a place where people are expected to lift each other up. Help your people learn that when they clap for others, then when they do a good job, others will clap for them.

If you make yourself the only source of praise in your organization, you will wear yourself out and thereby limit the amount of praise the folks in your organization deserve. Hold yourself accountable for making it everyone’s responsibility to recognize the good work done by others.

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