Highlights From Our #leadfromwithin Chat On Trust With Lolly Daskal

May 25, 2011

Last night the #leadfromwithin community impressed the heck out of Lolly Daskal and I as we presented them with 10 questions on trust. Lolly produced a transcript of the chat that was 144 pages long! There is no way I can cover all 144 pages, or give credit to every incredible person that participated, but I want to share with you some of the highlights to the first two questions.

Question 1: What does it mean to trust others?

@heart_path to trust others means to allow yourself to be vulnerable, to believe they are sharing their authentic selves with you

@sweetieberry to trust others means to believe their discipline and belief in honesty are shared

@lollydaskal trust is the fundamental building block for any relationship; it is the glue that holds any relationship together

@stanbridge1 trust is the opposite of certainty; trusting another is all the things you can’t be certain of but have faith in anyway

@mariepayton I trust in those that are looking out for my interests as well as theirs

@stevelaswell trust means you allow others to be responsible

@katenasser trust delivers you from a solo life of security to an enriched life of risk

@edwardcolozzi trust is the greatest gift, along with love, one shares with another person

@worksmarta trust must be earned

@leadershipfreak trust is confidence in others based on past performance and present character

@toloveitall trust others? Means being able to show vulnerability

@ebonitruss trusting others means you put yourself out there even when you are unsure of the consequences

@versalytics trust is believing that someone will act with your best intentions

Question 2: What does it mean to trust yourself?

@laurindab trusting self means I will find a way to succeed even if I initially fail

@burgessct it means you must be consistent in word and deed

@juanortiztweets trusting yourself is to put all your fears in a box, go out, and do what needs to be done

@jkwleadership trusting yourself is to allow yourself to fail because you know you can get up again

@earthliz trusting yourself allows you to be in the moment without having to second guess your priorities

@womanonajourney knowing that you will do the right things at the right time

@taramarkus trusting yourself is to understand your weaknesses and use your strengths to overcome so that all of you works in harmony

@katenasser trusting yourself means stepping out even when others say stay in line

@simon_gb to have faith in your abilities to succeed

@lollydaskal it means walking in obedience to my inner voice even when others think otherwise. Owning my choices!

@strategicmonk trusting myself means knowing myself better than I know my expectations and criticisms of myself

@jimweible trusting yourself is knowing that your inner voice is in tune with your outer self

@careerspan it is the core belief that your “gut” instinct is not extinct

@growinggold to trust myself means that I know that I know

@jpgtx trusting myself means that I show others the same person I see in the mirror each morning

@lizsvos I trust myself when I listen to my heart

@eldiddulph trusting myself means courage to risk ideas, beliefs, love, not being accepted but plowing forward anyway

@john_paul trusting myself means knowing that I am not totally in control

@mjasmus you must be able to forgive yourself in order to trust yourself

@lollydaskal trusting yourself is being honest with yourself about your feelings and conflicts and obstacles

And that’s just the first two questions! I think you can see the richness of the conversation that takes place in the #leadfromwithin community. These conversations take place every Tuesday night at 8 pm Eastern time – you should join us sometime!

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  1. Michael Ling says:

    great initiative! Seems like a modern form of brainstorming which leads to creativity.

    Bret L. Simmons Reply:

    Welcome, Michael. Never thought of it like that before, but you are right! Thanks, Bret