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July 28, 2010

FOX Presentation

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I have the privilege of speaking today at the Fox Promotion Executive Conference (FPEC) in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m very excited and honored because some of the other featured speakers are Dr. Oz and Adam Penenberg.

I’ve been asked to talk about leadership and change, topics I am passionate about.  Effective change requires leadership, and successful leadership necessitates change. I also feel pretty strongly that the privilege to lead should never be given to anyone that cannot demonstrate a record of continuous, purposeful personal change.

I’ve blogged on this site about all of the main points I hope to make today. Here are the things I plan to emphasize:

I’m sure we will talk about more than this, but I’ll consider my talk successful if I’m able to get folks to begin to grasp the power of these concepts.

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  1. Dr. Simmons wished I were in Reno would love to hear that presentation, you have an awesome delivery and gather such good research. Have ordered two copies of Peter Senge’s “the Fifth Discipline,” one for the Mayor and the other for the Industrial Park Manager- you have by virtue of your leadership in this realm of SMN helped us, we appreciate it. Hoping this presentation might be videod?

    Bret L. Simmons Reply:

    No video of the presentation, Dana. Hope you enjoy Senge’s book. Bret